Dec 19, 2012

Cinched pots

Lately, the pots I make come out like these. And they sure feel nice to fondle =)

Nov 30, 2012

In the mood for yellow

We have a new glaze at the atelier, a big thanx to Veronique. And it is wonderfully yellow. The best color for those short winter days, not that we don't have any sunshine, we do, and it's getting more intense day by day. But there is a lot of grey in the sky as well....

This was taken on the beach in Jurmala, Latvia. A beautiful but a bit chilly place, especially at this time of the year, so wool tights are a must there.

Nov 1, 2012

Some teapots

Thought I'd try this shape, but it proved to be not so easy, partly because of the thick rimless bottom, that cracked during firing.

And a butter dish that was thrown by a fellow ceramist, Aurelia, and I just did some doodling on the glaze prior to firing:

Aug 21, 2012


And its beautiful hydrangeas with flowers bigger than my head

and delicate lace with the finest linen I've ever touched... it was like silk!

Aug 10, 2012

flower stuff

One of the most beautiful things about France are the flowerbeds. They are everwhere! Even though some say it's a way of getting a kickback for town mayors.

Aug 7, 2012

Monogrammed pillows

Our friends got married over this weekend. This was our gift to them. And I'm not sure they already found them, because we hid it in their room =)

The groom's tie and the bride's bouquet:

Some other guests had an idea similar to ours, so here's a detail of the bedspread they made, with pictures of friends and the newlywed's sailing boat:

The joke is on the bride, for whom it was a first time experience sailing on a boat like this =)

Jul 12, 2012

summer cottons

Have been doing a bit of sewing for my grandma. It's been awfully long since I last seen her, so the two dresses (here modelled by my mom) were made easy to fit.

My grandma as a young girl, on the left.

The longest part was doing those buttonholes. My machine (a Husqkvarna) makes really sloppy ones, so I had to embroider them manually. Argh!

Jul 4, 2012

the cherry process

This beautiful photo is by Nina Anikina

time for a cherry clafoutis...