Apr 29, 2012

What is fiery but doesn't burn?

A rococo tulip, also known as parrot.

These come from the neighbourhood farm.

And this was in Keukenhof:

Don't they look like they are smoldering?

Apr 16, 2012


Wabikusa is a kokedama, a ball of soil covered with moss, but with semi-aquatic plants. 
Why aquatic? Because they are so easy to use, any part can be snipped off and replanted, and if you spot any aphids, you can submerge the wabikusa in  bucket of water for two days to kill off and wash away all those insects. And they flower too! Just keep them always moist and nourished, an orchid fertilizer does the deed.

String moss and hair grass (eleocharis), this ball is the one from last year. It was full of river buttercups and forest moss that gradually got replaced by an aquatic species.

Apr 12, 2012


No, tulips!

Love those frosted petals on the last one, so ethereal...

Apr 11, 2012

Bits of orange and red

Fresh from Keukenhof gardens and more to come. It was my first time visiting this park and I went into a little photographic frenzy, crawling all over flower beds and shooting from every angle, for it's a florist's version of Eden, zillions of bulb flowers, incredible orchids and roses with the longest stems I ever saw.

Apr 10, 2012

My first teapot!

And of course, what should have been:

And the result. Where did all that white go?

All my knowledge about throwing a teapot came from the very detailed and thouroughly explained videos by Hsin-Chuen Lin, that I highly recommend.