Jun 11, 2012

Other people's pots and stuff

Was at a local pottery fair this weekend and of course I didn't return with empty hands. Because second most enjoyable thing after making pottery, is buying some pottery =)

A lovely plate with poppy (of course I had to buy this!) by Atelier D'ici et La:

And these are actually glaze testers by a raku ceramist, Carrez Gerard, he had a basketfull of them next to his stand that I couldn't resist:

And the recipe of Ko is by another local artist, Christine Ladeveze. Most of the glazes used in our workshop are the fruit of her research.

A cup from Dequeker, a large and international family of potters from near Limoges. It is the most comfortable cup to hold ever! And incredibly light!

It is made out of red clay, but fired at very high temperature, so the clay is vitreous like glass, unlike faience croquery that is thicker and porous. You can see the difference here:

Very pretty pots by Marlene Requier:

Her soapdishes are a must.

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