Jul 12, 2012

summer cottons

Have been doing a bit of sewing for my grandma. It's been awfully long since I last seen her, so the two dresses (here modelled by my mom) were made easy to fit.

My grandma as a young girl, on the left.

The longest part was doing those buttonholes. My machine (a Husqkvarna) makes really sloppy ones, so I had to embroider them manually. Argh!

Jul 4, 2012

the cherry process

This beautiful photo is by Nina Anikina

time for a cherry clafoutis...

Jul 1, 2012


This cup is the very reason I started throwing. I wanted it so much (but bought a bowl instead) that I just had to do it.

But this is the closest in colour that I could get... very rough and grainy.

So when I saw Markus Klausmann this year at the Journées de la Céramique, I fulfilled that wish on the spot =)

The inside is mesmerizing! Makes me think of raspberry jam smears.

And he makes beautiful teapots. There was one at the show that was an immediate love for me, but not for my purse. Will be looking for that intricate branch to make a handle now...
This is of his older work.

The things he makes

While I'm sticking to the tradional methods of making things, like drawing, sewing and throwing clay, my husband takes the creational process to a higher technological level...
This is an open source 3D printer that he assembled:

The plastic from the spool goes into the nozzle and onto the hotbed:

And this is what you can make:

It's a soma cube! Ideal for keeping kids quiet and occupied for a long time =)

And why not print it's own packaging box...