Aug 21, 2012


And its beautiful hydrangeas with flowers bigger than my head

and delicate lace with the finest linen I've ever touched... it was like silk!

Aug 10, 2012

flower stuff

One of the most beautiful things about France are the flowerbeds. They are everwhere! Even though some say it's a way of getting a kickback for town mayors.

Aug 7, 2012

Monogrammed pillows

Our friends got married over this weekend. This was our gift to them. And I'm not sure they already found them, because we hid it in their room =)

The groom's tie and the bride's bouquet:

Some other guests had an idea similar to ours, so here's a detail of the bedspread they made, with pictures of friends and the newlywed's sailing boat:

The joke is on the bride, for whom it was a first time experience sailing on a boat like this =)