Nov 30, 2014

Pots and autumn flowers

We had a very nice sunny autumn, and I really do hope this sunshine lasts till spring. So here are some pics of flower pots and what goes inside.

Yep, an hydrangea that is still blooming! I got this seedling from a flea market and it flowered twice this summer, courageous little fella:

Christmas roses, helleborus niger, that also go by the name of "Potter's wheel", lol:

And a pic of my autumnal blood grass, finally looking like it should, fiery red

Nov 28, 2014

Sun-kissed cups

I reduced slightly the beverage capacity, but they are still cups for generous servings.

And experimented with handles. These are my favourite:

and some citrus squeezers:

Jul 12, 2014

Bigger pots

It was time :) This summer will be 4 years that I started doing pottery, tackling throwing after a year of playing around with slabs.

And orchid pots

Thought this blood grass was a goner, till I stopped submerging it in water.

A lemon tree:

Jul 11, 2014

Sprinkled blue

I have started using a new clay (GB8 from Solargil) in our workshop, all thanks to Herta, and the result is much lighter cups!
And I tried new color combinations, but I think I'll stick with the white. In pottery fairs it doesn't look appealing, but it works best on the table.

Some white Ti cups of the same batch

And jugs.

Jul 1, 2014

Cosmic glaze

This weekend we went to a pottery fair in Dourdan. About twenty ceramists showcased their work in the old market hall, just in front of the castle, a temporary home (or prison) to many historical figures.
We bought two lovely vessels, by Lluis Soler.

His work makes me think about constellations and nebulas, drinking tea becomes an outer space adventure :)

Jun 15, 2014

flowers in little pots

For me they are like little mantelpieces and bouquets :) Over time I combine my favorite ceramic pots with different flowers.This summer I have fluffy kalanchoes and alpine poppies, which do better in small containers than those that I tried to plant last year.

Succulents... the best thing ever for little pots.

A tiny flower on a string of hearts.

Jun 8, 2014


Yesterday I had the pleasure to visit the Atelier Tissage et tradition, situated in Chilly-Mazarin, and see their looms and the lovely handmade fabrics.

A glimpse of a tapestry:

Threads of every kind, wool above and silk below.

Warping the loom can take up to several days, before one can start weaving future dish towels or blankets.

Close ups on waffle fabric, made into soft colorful towels:

We couldn't resist and bought some magnificent towels to brighten up the table. But the atelier also produces table cloths, handbags, clothes and hats.

Apr 25, 2014

A streak of luck

I love doing this. And then cross my fingers and wait for the outcome, sometimes for the better, sometimes not, but surprise makes it only more interesting.