Mar 6, 2014

for the little ones

There are two reasons why I haven't posted much pottery lately. First, most of my "pottery" time is spent helping kids learn working with clay. Second, I've been putting much more effort into sewing than anything else, but since clothing is trickier to shoot than pots and cups, there aren't many photos :)
But anyway, here's some kids' stuff I had the occasion to sew recently:

It's intended for a baby boy. The patterns come from Astrid Le Provost's "Les intemporels pour bébés". Since last time I drafted baby clothes was more than a decade ago, I played it safe and followed a book, but the patterns seem kind of huge for the size intended (6 months here).

I went all out and used Hermès shirt fabric, french seams everywhere, hand embroidered button holes and of course, a bow tie!
It's fastened with a hook and got elastic inside, so no danger for the baby.

And for a baby girl (12 months), the same pattern but without the collar.

My two pence about this book. After working with Japanese sewing books, this one felt so vague! Not for a beginner definitely, even I had issues with matching lengths.

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