Apr 24, 2015

Four little teapots

This time I tried new spouts, cut open on top to see if the liquid pours better. Well, it does seem to work, but  judging from all the teapots I've tried out, the best spouts for pouring are the long "S" curved ones, are thick at the base and have a little lip to prevent the dripping. But these are the hardest to make.

Apr 10, 2015

That green is back

Since people were asking about it, I've redone quite a number of pieces in that bluish green that was my favourite three years ago. Well, as colors go, it portrays my mood nowdays: stormy blue and green.

Apr 9, 2015

Two little teapots

For gnomes, as someone commented :) These are made from that new chamotte clay, quite grainy to touch.

I've been trying and trying, but still am quite far from achieving my ideal teapot, that looks nice, feels good to touch, is easy to use, and pours without spitting and dripping. I think I've experienced all of teapot "problems" so far : cracks on the sides from hot water, "s" cracks in spouts, lids etc. But I'm not giving up!