Dec 8, 2015


Some bowls, cups and and jugs...


  1. Hi I love your work especially your glazes :-) I am very new to glazing and just wanted to ask if you wood-fire or reduction fire? Also glazes based on one with the additions of oxides to get the different colours...I just wondered if you did would you share your base glaze recipe with me please or point me to a book where it is...I hope you don't mind me asking but I am trying to learn and finding it very difficult. Thanks for sharing your work with the world it is stunning, kindest regards Nel

    1. Hello Nel,
      Thank you for your kind words :) This was fired in electric kiln.
      The recipe for the white base (kindly shared by Christine Ladeveze) :
      Feldspath 75 Cray 15 Kaolin 10 and Titane 7.
      This makes 100g, so just enough to glaze one little cup. Good luck!